Leaving so soon?

afbeelding van Rodwen

You must think I'm a fool
So prosaic and awkward and all
You think you've got me down
You think I've never been out of this town

Do I seem so eager to please to you now
You don't know me at all
I can't turn it on, turn it off like you now
'Caus I'm not like you

Now you're here
I bet you're wishing you could disappear
I'm trying to be kind
I get the feeling you're just killing time

You look down to me
Don't you look down on me now
You don't know me at all
A slap in the face
In the face for you now
Just might do now

You're leaving so soon
Never had the chance to bloom
But you were so quick to change your tune
Don't look back
If I'm a way around your neck
'Caus if you don't need me
I don't need you