The Mental Highway

afbeelding van de dromer

'The Mental Highway' (text and music de dromer)

The mind twists and turns, thoughts racing in and out,
But she doesn’t know what I’m looking for, cause I don’t.
It’s like a desperate attempt to suck up all universal files about one’s life,
To discover a higher meaning behind all the spiritual collisions
that you’ve had and the ones you’re about to experience.
I’m searching for a sollution, that hasn’t been born yet.

Someone please invent the cure for a disease without a name,
Doc, I’m suffering from ignorance, fuel of the confusion in my head…

I don't appear to be tired, sad, angry or afraid.
Still I'm not happy, full of energy or simply bursting with ideas.
My only evidence of sickness is the temperature rising,
having to witness this sweating body, glued to the couch.

The’re’s only the traffic jam, on my mental highway
And these little creatures, sitting on my shoulders, but even they don’t have an answer yet.

Sleep comes, pulls me away from the scene.
Sleep now, let go and calm down.
Sleep wins, head resting on a pillow.
Well asleep it all makes sense, cause in your dream you dream away and find your long lost destiny!

I wake up singing my birthsong,
I need someone to talk to, cause I think I have a message.
Don’t turn away from me my love.
Connect with the divine soul and find me…