Lost Again

afbeelding van Afridaantje

It's been three hours since she made herself clear
She said I was gonna find love, but I would not find it here
She thinks I'm funny, cute and nice
She wanted to love me, but to her it didn't feel like paradise
I was the only one incredibly in love
There where many times I praid to The Man Above
Please God please let her be the one, my first girlfriend
But He had other plans so this love has found his end.

Never thought it would end even before it began
But since tonight I know.... this is it then...
This is just a preview of how
Thousand thoughts are going through my mind right now
If she likes me, why don't we just give it a try?
Why doesn't she had the feeling of flying in the sky?
Why does it never works out, am I to Shy?
Why doesn't she want a funny and cute guy?
Why does every girl I love makes me cry?

I Can't really tell you how I feel
But it's certain that these words are for real
Worry, Confusion, Coldness and Stress
Unhappy, Lonely, Dissapointed and Sadness
Crying, Sick, Schoked and Defeated
Turned down, Tired, Sorrow and Dead
Despondent, Panic, Empty and Insane
But most of all I feel this Pain.

Is this gonna last untill I'm old?
This pain makes me feel so cold
To you it might be not such a big deal
But my hart is broken and needs a long time to heal
To you it might sound crazy
But in my dreams she was already my lady
To you it might be strange because of how I feel
But you have to realize I'm not made out of steel.

To me this has such an impact
So don't blame me if I don't know just how to react
To me she was already like my girl for me
I pictured us together...Can't believe this would never be
To me this means another unreturned love
And again I pray to the God Above

Please tell me for once this time
Why do I have to make this rhyme?
Why can't You let me love someone in real-time?
I just wanna love this girl is that a crime?

Well I can't sleep because I feel so blue
So here we'll go on with page number 2
Still can't figure out why
These girls never find their love in my eyes
Everytime it is me who goes head over heels
God can we make a couple of deals?

First off all I want my love returned to me
From this girl I like, please let it be
I used to think about my life as a test
That I had to learn from all this pain and then at last..
I would finally become this guy
Who had all the right things to be perfect in the girl's eyes
But I ask You how long will it take?
Before that one girl for me awakes?

Untill then I'm gonna build a castle around my heart
So it won't be broken by another false start
No mather what people say
I will not live my life this way
All I get from this is heartbreak
Even the sweetest girl burns my hart at the stake
Please give me the confidence that I really miss
Because I can't face her again...not like this

At last here's my final wish
It may be impossible but I want this
Because she is sweet, funny, beautiful and one-of-a-kind
Please let her, Please let her change her mind.

And for what it's worth
With this girl by my side I'll be the Happiest guy on Earth!

The End.. But I hope it's not.


afbeelding van adorell


That is a amazing palm...
I read it like it was my story... Mine is a bit different but we are both heart broken.
I hope some day you really find that girl for you and untill then keep feeling the warmth and love in your heart.
One day you prayers will be heared and your lady is standing in front of you...